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Fixing Your Teeth Spacing Problems

Are your teeth spacing issues robbing you of confidence in your smile? When you are bothered by gaps or overlaps that draw unwanted attention, it can be hard to feel comfortable with the way you look, and it can even have a negative impact on your dental function. What will it take for you to… Read more »

Should I Begin Invisalign Treatment?

By beginning Invisalign treatment, you can look forward to starting a process that will end with your smile looking more attractive. You can also enjoy oral health benefits from completing treatment. At our Katy, TX dentist’s office, we are happy to help patients understand how their adjustment can help them. This approach makes it easier… Read more »

The Cosmetic Effect Of Invisalign Treatment

Poorly aligned teeth can attract undesirable attention, which leads to doubts about your smile and an overall loss of confidence. What you may not realize is that in addition to affecting the way you look, your poor spacing can interfere with your oral health as well. Fortunately, a discreet treatment is capable of fixing these… Read more »

Relying On Aligners To Fix Your Smile

Until you do something about it, problems with your teeth spacing will continue to negatively affect your appearance. Unfortunately, this is also a problem that can interfere with your oral health by disrupting your bite function and oral hygiene efforts. The good news is that discreet, patient-friendly fixes are available. With a set of Invisalign… Read more »

The Start Of Your Invisalign Treatment

With the option to straighten teeth with Invisalign aligners, a person bothered by their poorly aligned smile can discreetly fix issues with gaps, overlaps, and other spacing concerns. The work of straightening teeth is performed by a set of clear aligners that are personalized to deliver the right care. At our Katy, TX dentist’s office,… Read more »

When You Begin Treatment With Clear Aligners

When you have uncorrected issues with poor teeth spacing, you can have both cosmetic and oral health issues to worry about. Problems with the alignment of your smile can make trouble for your appearance, but it also causes potential issues with your bite function, and it can even interfere with your ability to manage your… Read more »

Is Invisalign Treatment Right For You?

Is there something that you can do to improve a crooked smile if you hope to avoid wearing braces? With Invisalign aligners, you can enjoy the results of an orthodontic treatment without being asked to wear fixed appliances that draw unwanted attention and create potential problems when you eat and clean your teeth. At our… Read more »

How Can I Effectively Hide A Smile Gap?

The presence of excess space between your teeth can make you self-conscious about your appearance. This kind of gap is often present because of unresolved problems with the way a person’s teeth are aligned, but it can also be the fault of an undersized tooth that leaves more room than it should between itself and… Read more »

Taking Care Of Poor Teeth Spacing

How worried should you be about the way your teeth are spaced? If you have visible gaps, or if there are overlaps that cause certain teeth to look uneven or out of place, you can feel self-conscious about your appearance and even concerned about your oral health. At our Katy, TX dentist’s office, we can… Read more »

Discreetly Fixing Poorly Spaced Teeth

There are several qualities that contribute to the attractiveness of a person’s smile. One important feature is symmetry. Unfortunately, many people with healthy, bright teeth lack symmetry because of issues with spacing. Even minor problems can leave gaps, or cause teeth to overlap in awkward, unattractive ways. At our Katy, TX dentist’s office, we can… Read more »