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Does Gum Contouring Reduce Your Risk of Gum Disease?

For some patients, the appearances of their smiles are affected more by their gums than their teeth. To improve that appearance, many patients can benefit from cosmetic gum contouring, which helps straighten the tissues that frame their smiles. However, your gums play a more important role than just outlining your smile, and properly contouring the… Read more »

Have a Gummy Smile? See if Lasers Can Fix It

When you have excessive or uneven gum tissues covering your teeth, the visual effects can dramatically impact your smile’s appearance. Known as a gummy smile, the condition can also lead to increased risks of gum disease, which results from oral bacteria gathering underneath your gum tissues. To correct a gummy smile, your dentist may recommend… Read more »

Can a Dental Laser Help You Stop Snoring?

It may take a while before you realize that your snoring habit is more than a habit. Without a professional assessment, you might also fail to recognize the effects it can have on your overall health and wellbeing. For many patients, snoring is the result of an airway that is partially blocked by oversized or… Read more »