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Can You Use Cosmetic Work To Correct Alignment Problems?

Problems with teeth being too far apart, too close together, or exhibiting any other signs of malocclusion can be frustrating. The issue can create concerns about your smile, while also having a potential effect on your dental function. If you want to make your smile more attractive by addressing a gap or overlap, and what… Read more »

What Benefits Can I Expect From Straightening My Teeth?

It can be easy to focus on how much your appearance can benefit from straightened teeth. Because of this, you may assume that orthodontic work is just a matter of improving your smile. What you should know is that in addition to changing the way you look, the adjusting of your teeth offers oral health… Read more »

What Alternatives Are There To Traditional Orthodontic Work?

For many patients who want a straightened smile, the best approach will be traditional braces. These bracket and wire appliances have helped many different individuals fix frustrating problems with teeth that are poorly spaced, even those with more advanced problems. However, this is not the only option that people looking for orthodontic work have to… Read more »

What Kind Of Problems Can Crooked Teeth Cause You?

One obvious problem with alignment flaws that leave gaps or overlaps in your smile is that you can feel self-conscious about your appearance. In fact, many people are motivated to seek out orthodontic care simply because they want to enjoy the benefits to how they look. While there is nothing wrong with taking care of… Read more »

Your Experience With Mild Functional Orthodontic Aligners

Patients who are seeking a means of correcting alignment flaws can often think that the only way to treat their smile is through traditional metal braces. While orthodontic work using braces can produce great results, there are alternatives out there that you can be excited to discover. For many teen and adult patients, Invisalign can… Read more »

Orthodontic Work Can Correct Problems With Your Bite

Orthodontic work certainly has benefits for people who want to make their smile more attractive. After all, the end of your treatment will see you showing off a smile that is no longer dealing with bothersome spaces or overlaps. The alignment of your teeth impacts the uniformity and symmetry of your smile, which is important… Read more »

Seeing Real Orthodontic Results In Less Time Than You Expect

When a patient has their poorly aligned teeth corrected, it can result in their enjoying a more attractive smile. What you might not realize is that orthodontic dental treatment can have functional benefits, too. You can correct problems with your bite by straightening your teeth, address a problem with spaces where bacteria can accumulate, and… Read more »

Why Crooked Teeth Should Really Worry You

How your smile looks when your teeth are crooked can be a significant concern, depending on how noticeable the malocclusion is. A more significant concern, however, is how the misalignment of your teeth affects other aspects of your oral health. Today, we examine a few reasons why you should worry about crooked teeth and how… Read more »

Can You Really Benefit from Invisalign®?

If you’ve never needed orthodontic treatment, then you might be surprised to learn that you do now because your permanent teeth have become crooked. Fortunately, you may still be able to keep your streak of avoiding braces with the help of Invisalign® aligners. Instead of brackets and wires, which traditional orthodontics rely on to straighten… Read more »

How Permanent Teeth Become Crooked

To many people, orthodontic treatment makes sense for children. Their teeth can often become misaligned as they develop, and that misalignment can grow worse if not corrected as soon as possible. Yet, many people are surprised when their teeth become crooked long after they’ve fully developed. For adults, permanent teeth can become crooked for a… Read more »