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Orthodontics: Just For A Pretty Smile?

Choosing orthodontic treatment is not only all about making your smile look amazing. This is, of course, an exceptional benefit of aligning your teeth but we encourage you to recognize that the advantages do not stop there! In fact, it’s often very important that you improve your alignment in an effort to protect your oral… Read more »

Can I Straighten My Smile … Secretly?

While it might be a little bit difficult to keep secret from the entire world the fact that you are receiving orthodontic care, there is certainly something we can do to help you hide it! For those with cosmetic concerns wishing to achieve a straighter, beautifully aligned grin through inconspicuous means, we suggest Powerprox braces…. Read more »

Can Your Smile Be Straightened In Six Months?

In the past, correcting crooked or crowded teeth meant dealing with metal braces. Teens and especially adults are often hesitant, even if they know correcting the problem improves oral health. However, we can offer a practically invisible alternative with PowerProx braces, which address misalignment in a matter of months. Can your smile really be straightened… Read more »

Straighter Teeth in Six Months? Really?

Not so long ago, wearing braces meant visiting an orthodontist regularly for a year (or more.) Wires were tightened and adjustments were made, as teeth shifted into corrected positions. Jaw alignment issues and malocclusion (when teeth don’t meet properly) are often corrected with traditional braces, and may take considerable time. If you are bothered by… Read more »

Quiz: Can You Open And Close Easily?

If you are attempting to open your mouth to say, “ah!” do you find that you cannot do this with ease? Do you ever attempt to close your mouth after speaking, singing, or eating only to find that this effort is held up for a moment by what seems to be an unmoving jaw joint?… Read more »

Never Heard Of Interceptive Orthodontics? Read All About It.

There is much more to children’s dentistry than teaching your child how to care for their teeth; working to develop a comfort level with dental treatments beginning with their first, or no later than their second, birthday; and prevention and early detection of cavities. Other treatments can include dental sealants, fluoride treatments, dental spacers, and/or… Read more »

The Many Benefits of Orthodontics: A Quiz

You probably know that orthodontic treatment improves the alignment of your teeth for a more beautiful smile. While this is certainly something to get excited about, patients are often surprised to find out that cosmetic improvement is not the only advantage of saying yes to orthodontics. In fact, saying, “yes” to treatment can have a… Read more »

Gum Disease and Orthodontics

Orthodontic patients vary widely in age, but they all can share common ground when speaking about gum disease. Better known as gingivitis, this condition is a frequent ailment associated with orthodontic treatment. Before your teeth begin to straighten, you may already notice bleeding and sensitivity of your gums. This is due to the fact that… Read more »

How Six Month Braces Work

Not all braces are the same. Just like your smile is unique from everyone else’s, so are the different ways in which we can straighten crooked teeth, when necessary. For instance, if your teeth are crooked enough to affect your smile’s appearance, yet don’t require extensive repositioning, we may recommend Six Month Braces, designed to… Read more »

Why Straight Teeth Matter, and How Clear Braces Help

Besides the fact that they look better straight, your teeth benefit in more than just appearance when they’re symmetrical and in their proper positions. When they’re crooked, your upper and lower teeth won’t meet properly when you bite down, which can place a strain on your jaw in addition to excessive pressure on your teeth…. Read more »