Category: Patient Education

Facial Pain: 3 Important Details

Are you dealing with chronic facial pain? We’re not talking about the occasional discomfort that comes from sleeping on the seam of your pillow or a fleeting irritation. We’re talking about what ends up amounting to daily discomfort. It can interrupt your daily life and can even make sleep uncomfortable. The good news for you… Read more »

Katy Market Day: New Location!

Are you someone who loves Katy Market Days and you’ve been hearing some rumblings lately that it’s going to move to a new location? Well, that information is 100 percent correct! Learn more about the upcoming market day and new location, so you can peruse the market and bring home some goodies.

Cow Appreciation Day!

If you’re a fan of their food, you know that Chick-Fil-A’s advertising often relies on cows encouraging patrons to eat more chicken. Did you also know that in keeping with that theme (and because they appreciate their customers), they’re throwing Cow Appreciation Day? Don’t miss out on the fun!

Fluoride And Your Teeth: A Quiz

You’ve probably heard about fluoride, and have at least a vague idea that fluoride, in proper amounts, is good for your teeth. In 1945, a city in Colorado became the first to add fluoride to drinking water, and in subsequent years it became clear that, in proper amounts, fluoride strengthened tooth enamel against cavities. If you… Read more »

Test Your Tooth Implant Vocab: P Words

Tooth implants are one of the most successful options to supply a highly stable and long-lasting replacement for a missing tooth. Implants can also support restorative solutions for multiple missing teeth, such as implant supported dentures. Although dental professionals are familiar with the specialized vocabulary of tooth implants, these words may be unfamiliar to patients. We… Read more »

Dental Care: A Little Basic Budget Help

When you’re doing your best to fit dental care into your life, you may be worrying that the reason this is a challenge is because it might not fit into your budget. While we may not know the specifics of your financial plans, we do know that sometimes it takes just a little bit of… Read more »

Why You Need Dental Work That Fits

What’s happening with the dental work in your smile? Have you known for quite a while that a dental crown you received years ago from a different practice has never exactly fit the way it should? Have you noticed that the denture you’ve been wearing seems to have warped a bit but you keep wearing… Read more »

Tooth Loss: Answering FAQs

Are you quite sure about why tooth loss happens, what to do about it, whether you should worry about it, etc.? Have you lost a tooth or is this something that you’ve been worrying about because of oral health concerns? First, remember that even if you are in need of serious care, we welcome you… Read more »

Easter Bunny At LaCenterra

Have you been trying to figure out where the Easter Bunny will be, so your little ones will have the chance to meet him? Wonder no longer! Head out to Easter Bunny At LaCenterra for a fun way to get a head start on your Easter celebrations.

City Of Katy Trash-Off

If you’ve been getting into the spring cleaning mode, you just might want to use some of that energy to help your community out, too! Grab a friend, the whole family, or head out solo to contribute to the City Of Katy Trash-Off, so we can keep Katy looking beautiful.