Category: Restorative Dentistry

When You Need Multiple Cavity Treatments

You may need to see your dentist about more than one problem tooth. If you have taken a long break from regular dental checkups, several issues can form that require professional services. The good news is that you can work out a plan with your Katy, TX dentist to fully restore your smile through necessary… Read more »

TMJ Therapy And Full Mouth Reconstruction

When you think about the kinds of issues that your dentist can address, you may focus on problems that impact individual teeth. In other words, you may assume that our practice is focused on resolving problems with dental decay or damaged teeth when we provide restorative care. What you should know is that when we… Read more »

Planning Your Full Mouth Reconstruction

When several oral health and cosmetic issues affect your smile, real improvements can begin to feel out of reach. Will you and your dentist really be able to work out a plan for treatment that gives you meaningful results? How much work will this involved, and how difficult will it be to arrange everything? At… Read more »

Dental Care Should Be A Priority If You Lose A Crown

Cavities and physical tooth injuries often make treatment with dental crowns necessary. After a crown is placed, you should feel confident that you have the necessary protection to keep biting and chewing with the affected tooth. These restorations are made to provide long-term support. Of course, just as teeth can experience problems, crowns and dental… Read more »

The Problem With Putting Off Treatment For Severe Tooth Pain

If you try to ignore a problem with severe toothache, or if you keep delaying a trip to the dentist’s office in spite of a persistent problem with pain or sensitivity, you may be putting your tooth at risk. A problem that causes significant discomfort, or one that leads to persistent pain, can be a… Read more »

Arranging Root Canal Therapy For An Urgent Dental Problem

Tooth pain that hurts too much to ignore, or a pain that will not subside, can call for emergency dental work. To deal with this issue, your Katy, TX dentist can perform root canal therapy to address concerns about an infection or internal injury. Problems that occur within a tooth can cause an alarming amount… Read more »

Don’t Wait To Schedule Treatment If You Chip Your Tooth!

Is your tooth in jeopardy because of a chip in your enamel? Chipping can be an unsightly problem, but it can often be addressed through cosmetic dental work. With that said, you may not realize just how serious an injury is, and that can lead to problems later if the tooth has internal damage, or… Read more »

You May Need A Root Canal To Address Your Dental Emergency

When you show up at your Katy, TX dentist’s office for emergency treatment, you may not know what kind of care you need. If you have a problem with significant tooth pain or sensitivity, the services required may involve root canal therapy. Root canals are performed whenever problems affect the inner chamber of a tooth…. Read more »

Make Dental Work A Priority After Cracking Your Tooth

A cracked tooth can do more than just make your day worse. When your enamel is chipped or cracked, it can leave you vulnerable to more physical damage over time. These injuries also make you vulnerable to the onset of an infection, which can cause you considerable discomfort and also make you vulnerable to losing… Read more »

Pain From A Tooth Infection Can Be Difficult To Ignore

Once you realize something is wrong with your tooth, you may have little time to wait before you can see your dentist. A cavity that causes your tooth to become infected can leave you with soreness or sensitivity issues that leave you in need of treatment as soon as possible. Unfortunately, discomfort is not the… Read more »