Category: Restorative Dentistry

A Full Mouth Reconstruction Helps You Make Big Improvements

For some individuals, the journey to a truly healthy smile can require multiple procedures. If you have problems with the condition of several teeth, a combination of issues like tooth decay and gum disease, or if you have spent a long time away from the dentist, you could benefit from a full mouth reconstruction. Your… Read more »

3 Corrections That Can Address Problems With Your Bite

There are several issues that can affect your bite function – in fact, your troubles with your bite could be caused by several problems, rather than a single matter. Fortunately, your Katy, TX dentist is prepared to help you by identifying the source or sources of your bite troubles. Advanced imaging technology allows your dentist… Read more »

A Tooth Extraction May Be Needed To Restore Your Oral Health

How does losing a tooth help to improve your overall oral health? As surprising as it might be, a tooth extraction can sometimes be the right way to solve a serious smile issue. This procedure is only recommended in a case where a restorative dental procedure is not capable of helping a problem tooth. Your… Read more »

What Does It Take To Address A Tooth Infection?

What makes a tooth infection different from tooth decay? At the start, a cavity’s presence can harm your enamel. Over time, as decay continues to spread, your pulp can become infected as tooth damage allows bacteria to enter the inner chamber of your tooth. This can require a more involved restorative dental treatment than a… Read more »

Making Sure All Of Your Oral Health Issues Are Treated

If you spend too much time out of the dentist’s chair, you can start to develop oral health problems that escape your notice…at first. If you develop an obvious concern, like persistent tooth pain or sensitivity, you can seek dental care, and discover that discomfort is a symptom of one problem out of many. When… Read more »

Making Improvements To Your Oral Health With A Modern Crown

Your oral health depends on each of your teeth being healthy, and in good shape. A single problem tooth can pose problems for your smile, and may create issues with your bite function. Your Katy, TX dentist can solve these issues around a problem tooth by placing a dental crown. Crowns are durable, dependable restorations… Read more »

3 Key Improvements You Enjoy When You Address Tooth Loss

When you lose teeth, your smile suffers, and simple tasks like biting, chewing, and even speaking can become more difficult. Few oral health problems are as intrusive, or as hard to ignore, as tooth loss. While you may be eager to do something about the matter, you may be unclear on what to expect from… Read more »

Is Your Dental Discomfort A Warning That You Have A Cavity?

Why are you feeling so much pain in a particular tooth? What is causing you to have such unpleasant sensations when consuming hot or cold items? Dental discomfort can be an indication that something is wrong with your tooth, and that you may need restorative dental care. While this can often be a sign of… Read more »

Address Jagged, Uneven, Or Damaged Teeth Hurting Your Smile

If you have a tooth looks jagged, uneven, or shows signs of damage, you may be eager to see what cosmetic dental work can do for you. After all, your smile depends on every visible tooth looking its best. Your Katy, TX dentist can use a treatment to carefully improve your appearance, and make improvements… Read more »

3 Advantages That Come With Tooth-Colored Fillings

Ignoring a possible problem with your smile can create serious trouble. If you are ignoring active tooth decay, the problem can do continued harm to your tooth structure, and make the treatment you ultimately need more involved. If you take action when you think something is wrong, and keep up with regular dental exams, you… Read more »