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Using A Crown To Keep A Chipped Or Cracked Tooth Safe

If your tooth is chipped or cracked after an injury, having it protected should be a priority. As strong as dental enamel is under normal circumstances, you become more vulnerable to harm if damage has already occurred. There is also an increased risk for the onset of an infection from oral bacteria if no restorative… Read more »

What To Do If You Are Growing Concerned By A Toothache

When a tooth begins to hurt, you can hope that the pain quickly fades, and that your discomfort is not a sign that restorative dental work is required. If the pain continues to worry you, or if it becomes more intense, writing the problem off can become difficult. You should take problems with a toothache… Read more »

Make Sure That A Chipped Tooth Is Properly Treated

Is a chipped tooth a problem that demands urgent attention, or is it something you can wait to address? The cosmetic impact a chip can have is hard to overstate, and reason enough for many people to seek treatment as soon as possible. What you should know is that the problem can be more than… Read more »

Your Dentist Can Safely Extract And Replace A Broken Tooth

A severe tooth injury can create trouble for your smile, and it can also have a worrying effect on your oral health. While the goal during restorative dental work is to treat a tooth so that it can remain in place, this is not always possible. If the tooth is too badly hurt, plans for… Read more »

Soothing Pain From A Dental Injury Before Your Appointment

By taking proper precautions before playing sports, and maintaining your dental health through consistent care, you can keep your smile safe from harm. If you do find yourself dealing with an oral health issue, the problem can lead to pain that is difficult to manage. Advanced cavities and physical injuries can call for emergency dental… Read more »

We Can Respond To A Dental Injury And Restore Your Smile

After injuring your tooth, you can be alarmed at how your smile has been compromised. For some people, an injury means losing a tooth, while others can find themselves with injuries like chips and cracks that draw unwanted attention. At our Katy, TX dentist’s office, we are experienced in restoring smiles that have been affected… Read more »

This Is Why A Cracked Tooth Is A Serious Oral Health Issue

Dental enamel is a remarkably strong, but our teeth can be damaged. When they happens, it can leave you with an injury that will not heal on its own, meaning you will have to seek restorative dental treatment. If you crack a tooth, your injury will leave you at risk for further damage, as well… Read more »

How Worried Should I Be If I Think My Tooth Is Infected?

A toothache is a common issue for people who develop problems with tooth infections, but that does not mean it is something you can safely ignore. An infection can sometimes take time to develop. At first, you can have a small cavity that is treatable with a dental filling, but as time passes it will… Read more »

Make Sure You Protect Your Injured Tooth Before Treatment

If your tooth is already injured, you can be cautious about doing anything to harm it further. With that said, you may be unsure just how vulnerable it is, and how likely you are to damage it by making a poor decision. One thing you can be happy to know is that you can have… Read more »

See Your Dentist To Find The Reason Behind Your Tooth Pain

Tooth pain can be difficult to ignore in any situation, but it can be especially upsetting to have an issue with discomfort that has no obvious cause. When people are unsure of why they are in pain, they may think that the problem must not be serious. Unfortunately, this could be far from the case… Read more »