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Arranging A Safe Extraction For A Badly Injured Tooth

Even if you schedule emergency dental treatment and receive care on short notice, there may not be a way to save your injured tooth. Severe injuries that break a tooth or knock it out can leave your dentist with no option but to make plans to provide a replacement. At our Katy, TX dentist’s office,… Read more »

Your Tooth Injury May Call For Root Canal Therapy

Physical injuries can cause visible damage to your tooth, but they can also create problems you are not able to see. Trauma can lead to internal damage or leave openings in your enamel that allow infections to form. Because of this, it may be necessary for your dentist to perform root canal therapy to fully… Read more »

Will Your Dentist Be Able To Save Your Dislodged Tooth?

If your tooth is knocked out, is there any hope of putting it back in place? Will emergency dental work be enough to save your smile by preserving the tooth that has been dislodged? Fears of losing a tooth are valid. In addition to hurting the quality of your smile, this kind of injury can… Read more »

Unable To Tolerate A Toothache? Emergency Care Is Available

When you feel unable to put up with the pain of a toothache, you should reach out to your dentist and let them know. By doing so, you can arrange an emergency dental appointment and have the problem evaluated and treated so that the pain is no longer an issue. This kind of prompt care… Read more »

An Injured Tooth Can Be More Than Just A Cosmetic Problem

When you think about the effect a dental injury can have on your smile, it can be easy to see why patients often want treatment as soon as possible after hurting a tooth. Injuries that leave teeth chipped or cracked can be a significant cosmetic concern, one that you would be eager to resolve as… Read more »

Make Arrangements To Restore A Tooth With A Lost Filling

How much should you worry if you lose a dental filling? Losing a restoration is a potentially serious problem, one that should be addressed as soon as possible. If you let the problem go without treatment, it means leaving your tooth vulnerable to damage or infection. A problem that occurs before the tooth is restored… Read more »

Treating A Dental Injury That Affects Several Teeth

Dental trauma can be an upsetting experience, particularly when the damage you suffer ends up affecting several teeth. What can you do if you need restorative dental work done on more than one tooth at one time? At our Katy, TX dentist’s office, we are prepared to help patients who find themselves in situations where… Read more »

Urgent Dental Work Is Available For A Knocked Out Tooth

The realization that your tooth is knocked out can be unsettling, and it can be difficult not to panic at the thought of that tooth being permanently lost. Will there be any way to save a tooth after it has been dislodged? What will your injury do to your overall dental health? While tooth loss… Read more »

Risks Linked To Putting Off Care For An Infected Tooth

Pain from a tooth infection can be uncomfortable and alarming. It can also be an inconvenient experience, something you would prefer to simply not deal with. Unfortunately, worsening pain is not something you can write off and wait to go away on its own. If your problem is allowed to worsen, your tooth may reach a state… Read more »

A Dental Injury Can Be Less Scary Than You Think

How alarmed should you be if you injure a tooth? The experience of suffering a dental injury can certainly be a negative one, and there can be serious consequences to trauma if treatment is not provided in time. With that said, you can be less concerned about your injury when you remember that you have… Read more »