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How Root Canal Therapy Fits Into Cavity Care

The state of your tooth will affect the kind of treatment that you undergo. If you seek help for dental decay in time, your Katy, TX dentist can provide a custom filling that covers the affected area and restores your smile. However, if a cavity has enough time to grow and harm your tooth structure,… Read more »

When A Cavity Causes A Toothache

There are times when patients learn they need cavity treatment because their dentist identified trouble during a routine review. In a situation like this, you may not realize something is wrong until you receive feedback during your exam. In other situations, people suspect they may need treatment because a toothache begins to cause concern. If… Read more »

Why Do Some Cavities Require Root Canals?

While you may have had a cavity treated in the past, you may be unfamiliar with root canal therapy. Why is it sometimes necessary for your dentist to provide this service in order to fully treat decay? The longer you let a cavity grow, the more likely you are to experience complications. Eventually, a tooth… Read more »

You May Need A Root Canal To Address Your Cavity

Why would a root canal treatment have to be scheduled when you have a cavity? Is there any way for you to avoid this procedure, while still ensuring that your tooth is effectively restored? If you want to prevent the need for a root canal for your cavity, you need to make sure the problem… Read more »

Arranging A Root Canal To Stop A Serious Cavity

By performing a root canal, your Katy, TX dentist can make sure an advanced cavity no longer poses a threat to your tooth, or your overall well-being. This procedure is not always necessary when taking on decay. With that said, it does become an important part of your restorative dental treatment when a cavity is… Read more »

Making Your Root Canal Treatment More Comfortable

Let’s face it – no one wants to have restorative dental work done. After all, you only need work like this if something is wrong with your tooth to the point that you need professional treatment. If you are in pain because of a cavity that has reached your pulp, or because a cracked tooth… Read more »

Quiz: What Should You Expect From A Root Canal Treatment?

Why would your cavity treatment need to include a root canal? While not necessary during every restorative dental procedure, this treatment is required when decay has reached your pulp, allowing bacteria to infect the living tissues that sustain the tooth’s overall health. Your Katy, TX dentist’s office can make sure your oral health is fully… Read more »

Need Root Canal Treatment? Here’s What to Know

Not everyone will need root canal treatment in their lives. In fact, many people can successfully prevent tooth decay from ever developing in the first place. However, if your dentist does recommend the procedure, then it’s because your tooth has become so infected that a more conservative filling won’t suffice. Or, it could mean that… Read more »

Things to Know if You Need Root Canal Therapy

When you need root canal therapy, the reason for it can differ according to your specific dental health needs. For instance, your tooth may have been decaying for quite some time and now it has reached the pulp, or your tooth might be severely damaged and vulnerable to internal infection. In any case, the fact… Read more »

2 Good Reasons to Think About Root Canal Treatment

There are several reasons why root canal treatment might become your best restorative treatment option. The procedure addresses tooth infection that has reached the internal pulp chamber of your tooth. It can help you find relief from increasingly more severe tooth pain, as well as save what remains of your tooth from being lost to… Read more »