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How Your Headaches Might Be Dental Related

Headaches are one of those things that happen to everyone, and we often don’t think to wonder why. Like all aches and pains, headaches have reasons behind them, such as overactive muscles and nerves, or restricted oxygen intake. Even more surprising, many patients can experience chronic, increasingly word headaches that are directly related to their… Read more »

What Causes Locked Jaw?

Unless you have tetanus, your jaw’s tendency to lock up and remain immovable for several moments is likely caused by a dysfunction in your jaw’s joints, known as TMJs (temporomandibular joints). The open-and-close motion of your jaw hinges on these joints, and when they’re not working properly, neither will your bite’s function. If you experience… Read more »

Talk to Your Dentist About TMJ Disorder

There are several different factors that account for your bite’s function, and your jaw’s joints (known as TMJs) are among the most important. More formally called temporomandibular joints, your TMJs are the hinges that your lower jaw pivots and moves on. Because of their importance, and their close proximity to your dominant cranial nerves, trouble… Read more »

A Common Reason (and Solution) for Chronic Jaw Pain

Unlike a toothache, chronic jaw pain doesn’t always have an obvious reason behind it. It can also come in a variety of forms, such as a popping or clicking jaw joints or radiating pain in your jaw and facial muscles. However, even though the cause of jaw pain may be difficult to guess, your dentist… Read more »

What Does Teeth-Grinding Have to Do with Jaw Pain?

When you have bruxism, you may not always realize just how often you grind your teeth. Therefore, you might not immediately recognize the connection between your teeth-grinding habit and the chronic pain in your jaw known as TMJ disorder. However, for many patients, bruxism and TMJ disorder are closely related. The incessant grinding can damage… Read more »

What You May Want to Know About TMJ Disorder

It’s natural to have questions when your dentist tells you that you may have an issue with your oral health or your bite’s function. When it comes to TMJ disorder, questions tend to be more prevalent, especially because the dysfunction can mean something different for everyone. Some patients who experience related, chronic symptoms may not… Read more »

What You Should Know if Your Jaw Pops

A popping knee, elbow, or knuckle isn’t usually something that you should worry too much about. Likewise, you might not take much notice when your jaw pops or clicks as you open and close it. However, unlike a knee or elbow, a popping jaw could indicate serious problem, such as a bite imbalance that’s forcing… Read more »

Don’t Ignore Bite Problems

When you wake up and experience a day like any other, except for the fact that you notice a bite problem, you may think to yourself that you should probably just ignore it. However, if that new sensation lingers for another day and another, it is going to be in your best interest to do… Read more »

Holiday Hazards For Your Jaw!

You know that there are daily hazards that can make TMJ disorder worse than it must be, which means you are likely quite aware of your usual habits and lifestyle choices. However, you might not be fully informed regarding best practices for protecting a sore jaw over the holidays! Though the usual details still apply,… Read more »

How To Ignore Your Sore Jaw

Perhaps you have contacted us to set up a visit but between now and then, you are feeling very frustrated about your sore jaw. You want it to feel better, you want it to feel perfect now, and as you stress, your jaw feels even worse. We can most certainly help you through this trying… Read more »