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Issues With Migraines? Let Your Dentist Know

If you have recurring issues with migraines, you can have a difficult time keeping up with social obligations, focusing at work, and being present with friends and family. These severe headaches can be serious enough to take you away from your daily responsibilities even after you take aspirin. What can you do to put a… Read more »

Using Disclusion Time Reduction Therapy To Address Headaches

The final month of the year is here, which for many marks the start of holiday plans and shopping trips. If you have problems with chronic headaches, these tasks can become challenging, as you can have a difficult time focusing because of discomfort. You may not realize it, but the problems you have could be… Read more »

Are You Living With Persistent Jaw Pain? We Can Help!

You should be able to bite, chew, laugh, and speak without experiencing discomfort, or finding jaw movement difficult. When these issues start to impact your daily life, it can be a sign that TMJ dysfunction is affecting you. People who experience chronic jaw pain can also develop problems with chronic teeth grinding, as well as… Read more »

Are You In Pain Because Of A Bad Bite? Talk To Your Dentist

It may seem odd to blame a problem like chronic headaches or neck pain on your bite, but many people experience these symptoms because of functional issues that put strain on their jaw joints and muscles. A bite that is uneven or misaligned can create stress that leads to pain as well as difficulties with… Read more »

Is TMJ Dysfunction The Reason You’re In Pain?

Even if you are unsure of why you have problems with dental pain and sensitivity, you can be all too aware of how your discomfort is interfering with your life. You can have pain in your face, problems with jaw stiffness or sensitivity, and even issues with chronic headaches. When a person experiences these issues,… Read more »

Working On Migraine Relief With Your Dentist

Living your life with recurring migraines can quickly become unpleasant, and even difficult. You may find that you often have to cancel or postpone plans, and you can have trouble taking care of professional and personal responsibilities. At our Katy, TX dental practice, we are prepared to help you enjoy relief from migraines caused by… Read more »

Putting A Stop To Your Ongoing Problems With TMJ Dysfunction

Your experience with TMJ dysfunction can be a frustrating one, as you can be bothered by difficulty with your bite function, chronic headaches, and pain in your face and neck. At our Katy, TX dental practice, we understand that patients seeking TMJ treatment can be eager for relief. We rely on modern technology to thoroughly… Read more »

Are You Ready To Stop Living With Jaw Pain? We Can Help!

If jaw pain is continually limiting your ability to bite and chew, or if it proving to be a constant distraction, seeking treatment can be beneficial. You may not realize it, but your troubles may be linked to an issue with your oral health, or with your natural jaw movement. Our Katy, TX dental practice… Read more »

TMJ Treatment Can Make Eating And Speaking More Comfortable

Going through the motions of a typical day can become more frustrating, and decidedly less comfortable, when you have TMJ disorder. Problems with your jaw joints and muscles can make biting and chewing more difficult for you, and may even make it difficult for you to speak. You can also trace problems with headaches, neck… Read more »

Disclusion Time Reduction Therapy Can Address Daily Pain

Going through your typical day while trying to ignore a headache, jaw pain, or issues with discomfort in your face and neck can be difficult. If you continue to feel pain, and continue to try and ignore it, your ability to manage your mood, stay on top of important tasks, and generally enjoy your life… Read more »