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TMJ Therapy And Full Mouth Reconstruction

When you think about the kinds of issues that your dentist can address, you may focus on problems that impact individual teeth. In other words, you may assume that our practice is focused on resolving problems with dental decay or damaged teeth when we provide restorative care. What you should know is that when we… Read more »

Scheduling Urgent Treatment For Damage From Teeth Grinding

If you develop a habit of grinding your teeth at night due to stress, or because of unresolved problems with TMJ disorder, you can experience more than just minor wear and tear. It is possible for the pressure from teeth grinding to chip or crack your tooth, which can make a trip to the dentist’s… Read more »

TMJ Disorder May Be Responsible For Your Stiff Jaw Movement

When your jaw starts to feel stiff, you can become reluctant to speak for fear of causing discomfort. If the problem becomes a consistent concern, you can grow uncomfortable doing things like laughing, speaking, and even eating! While it can be easy to see how these problems can affect your life, you may be less… Read more »

Can A Visit With Your Dentist Lead To Migraine Relief?

No matter how much you have to do, or how much you are looking forward to your day, a migraine can put a stop to all of your plans. It may seem unfair to find yourself frequently dealing with this problem, and you can be eager to understand how they can be avoided. You might… Read more »

A Study Of Your Bite Can Help With Treatment For Jaw Pain

If it starts to feel as though you cannot go a single day without some kind of jaw pain, it may be time to reach out to your dentist for help. This problem can stem from many different issues – it may be due to poor alignment of your jaw joints, stress on the joints… Read more »

How Can A “Bad Bite” Affect Your Quality Of Life?

How common is it to have pain when you bite and chew? Is discomfort something you really need to worry about, or something that you can disregard without issue? Ideally, you should be able to move your jaw when you bite, chew, and speak without stiffness or pain. If this is frequently not the case… Read more »

Disclusion Time Reduction Can Lead To Relief From TMD

You may not realize it, but your bite could use some improvement. People who struggle with persistent jaw pain, headaches, and other pains associated with TMJ disorder (TMD) may experience these issues because they are not applying and releasing bite force in an even manner. Why is this a concern? An uneven bite can create… Read more »

This Is Why You Should Discuss Migraines With Your Dentist

If your tooth hurts, telling your dentist about the problem can feel like an obvious decision. Would you also consider speaking to your dentist about migraines? If these painful headaches are affecting you, it can actually be a sign of trouble with your bite function. A bite motion that is unbalanced or awkward can put… Read more »

TMJ Disorder Can Cause Teeth Grinding – We Can Help

While there are several symptoms of TMJ disorder that should worry you, developing a habit of teeth grinding can be particularly concerning. When a person grinds their teeth frequently, they can cause dental wear and tear that hurts their smile, and may cause chips or cracks in their enamel. The action of clenching or grinding… Read more »

Your Dentist Can Address Your Persistent Jaw Pain

When you choose to ignore problems with your jaw movement, you can ignore a problem that may lead to persistent headaches, habitual teeth grinding, and dental damage! If it has become difficult for you to move your jaw without stiffness or pain, it can mean an unresolved issue with your jaw or dental function has… Read more »