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Our Dental Practice Can Help You Put An End To Your Jaw Pain

Living with jaw pain can affect your ability to focus, it can dampen your mood, and it can interfere with your ability to simply relax. Because problems with jaw pain can also affect you by causing headaches, limited dental function, and neck pain, going without treatment can seriously intrude on your quality of life. These… Read more »

Treating Jaw Troubles Can Lead To Migraine Relief

Migraines can cause severe pain, and leave you unable to go about your normal daily routine. What people sometimes fail to realize is that a problem with recurring migraines may be caused by an unresolved dental issue. Our Katy, TX dental practice may be able to provide migraine relief for you by examining your oral… Read more »

DTR Therapy Can Lead To Relief From TMJ Dysfunction

If you have a toothache, you would not be surprised when your dentist tried to determine what was wrong by closely examining your aching tooth. For people who suffer from TMJ dysfunction, and the many uncomfortable symptoms it can cause, an explanation can be found by studying their bite. At our Katy, TX dental practice,… Read more »

An Untreated Problem With Your Bite Can Cause Headaches

Do you feel like you constantly have to put up with painful headaches, or even migraines? If so, you can understandably wonder why this has issue has become so persistent. What you should know is that many people experience headaches because of untreated TMJ dysfunction, which can occur due to unaddressed problems with your bite… Read more »

Replacing A Lost Tooth Can Help You Address Jaw Pain

A change in your bite function can make you more vulnerable to TMJ issues, which can lead to frequent issues with headaches, and other problems that cause you discomfort. A compromised bite can also lead to overuse for certain teeth, making them more likely to suffer their own problems in the near future. Unfortunately, even… Read more »

If Jaw Problems Affect How You Bite And Speak, We Can Help

You make frequent use of your jaw muscles and joints throughout a typical day. After all, you rely on your jaw movement during speaking, biting, and chewing, practices that are sure to come up often! With this in mind, it should be easy to see just how intrusive chronic jaw problems can become. If you… Read more »

Migraines Can Be A Consequence Of Untreated Jaw Problems

When migraines and headaches intrude on your life, they create serious discomfort, and make it harder for you to take care of your daily responsibilities. In the short term, you may reach for aspirin to manage the problem, but while this can make a current headache more bearable, it can fail to address the reason… Read more »

How Can I Tell If Bruxism Is Creating Problems In My Life?

Why is bruxism a difficult problem to manage? After all, the term refers to a habit of teeth grinding – when you catch yourself clenching your jaw, couldn’t you just put a stop to it? One reason this issue leads to so much trouble is that people who grind their teeth often do so throughout… Read more »

Do You Need Help Managing Your TMJ Dysfunction?

How often do you have to struggle to make it through a day while suffering a headache? Are you sometimes bothered by pain when you attempt to bite and chew food? These problems, as well as jaw pain, neck stiffness and soreness, and limited jaw movement, are all problems that plague people with untreated TMJ… Read more »

Addressing Teeth Grinding, And Restoring Your Smile

A nightly teeth grinding habit, also known as bruxism, can be harmful to the way you look, it can put an excessive amount of stress on your jaw, and it can lead to serious dental damage. If you have been ignoring the signs of teeth grinding, you may have noticed how wear and tear has… Read more »