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TMJ Treatment Can Make Eating And Speaking More Comfortable

Going through the motions of a typical day can become more frustrating, and decidedly less comfortable, when you have TMJ disorder. Problems with your jaw joints and muscles can make biting and chewing more difficult for you, and may even make it difficult for you to speak. You can also trace problems with headaches, neck… Read more »

Disclusion Time Reduction Therapy Can Address Daily Pain

Going through your typical day while trying to ignore a headache, jaw pain, or issues with discomfort in your face and neck can be difficult. If you continue to feel pain, and continue to try and ignore it, your ability to manage your mood, stay on top of important tasks, and generally enjoy your life… Read more »

A Bad Bite Can Lead To Pain, And Tooth Problems

Can an action as simple as biting and chewing really create oral health problems for you? If you are affected by a poor bite function, you may be unaware of how much strain you put on your jaw joints and muscles every time you perform these routine tasks. As a result, you can begin experiencing… Read more »

Yes, You Should Tell Your Dentist About Your Migraines

Talking about your migraines may not be fun, but experiencing them is likely far less pleasant for you! If you are affected by severe headaches, you might be surprised to hear that the problem is something to bring up at your dentist’s office. How can our Katy, TX dental practice help you deal with your… Read more »

Recognizing And Responding To Issues With TMJ Disorder

Do you find yourself longing for a time when you could eat, speak, and laugh without discomfort? Have you been experiencing an unusual number of headaches? Problems with your jaw, known as TMJ disorder, can affect your quality of life in many ways. You can suffer regular bouts of pain, particularly when you are trying… Read more »

Your TMJ Pain Could Be The Result Of Flawed Bite Movement

The pains that stem from TMJ dysfunction can include migraines and headaches, jaw stiffness, facial discomfort, and even neck and shoulder pain. While these symptoms occur in a number of different spaces, they could be connected to an untreated problem with your bite! A flawed bite motion can create stress that negatively impacts your jaw… Read more »

An Untreated Dental Issue Can Cause Jaw Pain And Migraines

Daily life with TMJ issues that you are not managing can become difficult, and unpleasant. A problem with your jaw joints and/or muscles can obviously make jaw pain a concern. You may feel it throughout the day, or specifically when you try to bite, chew, or speak. What you should know is that this problem… Read more »

Is Jaw Pain Starting To Ruin Your Meals?

A trip to your favorite restaurant can be less than exciting when you have problems with jaw pain. Many people who start to experience issues with their jaw can find that the basic functions of biting and chewing are starting to become difficult, or uncomfortable. What you should know is that this problem can be… Read more »

An Untreated Dental Problem Can Lead To TMJ Disorder

Our teeth are remarkably resilient, but the unfortunate matter is that when a tooth requires professional dental care, trouble can continue to worsen until it receives that care. If you have a problem with a cavity, oral bacteria can eventually work its way to the center of your tooth, and cause problems for the living… Read more »

Dental Treatment Can Provide Headache And Migraine Relief

If you have a headache, you might reach for a bottle of aspirin, or try to take a nap to deal with your discomfort, but would you think to contact your dentist? People who experience problems with headaches and migraines can be surprised to learn that their issues are linked to problems with their oral… Read more »