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Tips For Properly Handling A Lost Tooth Before Dental Work

Is there any chance that a tooth knocked loose from your smile can be saved? While possible, the successful restoration of a lost tooth can depend on several factors. One issue that can hurt your chances for a successful recovery is the time it takes you to see your dentist. With that in mind, tooth… Read more »

Addressing Tooth Loss As Part Of A Smile Makeover

At our Katy, TX dental practice, we understand that many people come in for treatment because they no longer feel good about the way they look when they smile. If your goal is to see cosmetic improvements through treatment, we have many different approaches we can use to help you. With that said, restorative dental… Read more »

How Worried Should I Really Be About One Lost Tooth?

Sure, you could understand wanting to act quickly if you lose a tooth that is highly visible, but how worried should you be when a missing tooth is harder to notice? If you have one gap closer to the back of your teeth, where people are unlikely to see it, should you still treat tooth… Read more »

Making Prosthetic Work Part Of A Plan To Restore Your Smile

While tooth loss can be the biggest oral health problem that currently affects you, it may not be your only concern. Because an incomplete smile can affect your appearance, and your bite function, replacing what you have already lost may just be the first step in the path towards fully addressing your dental needs. Your… Read more »

Arranging Prosthetic Work That Offers Better Dental Function

With the right dental prosthetic, you can once again flash a complete smile. Many people look into addressing tooth loss because they want to do something about their appearance. What you should know is that your Katy, TX dentist’s office can provide more than just a change in the way you look when you have… Read more »

3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Delay Prosthetic Dental Work

As exciting as it can be to have attractive, dependable prosthetic dental work replace your incomplete smile, people sometimes hesitate before scheduling treatment. If you are trying to put off this work until a time that feels “more convenient,” if you worry the process will be too involved, or if you are hesitating for any… Read more »

Including Prosthetic Work In A Plan To Restore Your Smile

After losing a tooth, or losing several teeth, you may have a hard time holding out hope that your smile can be truly restored. You can be happy to know that with modern prosthetic dental work, you can see remarkable improvements that change the way you look, while also offering important functional improvements. Your Katy,… Read more »

Make Sure Problems With Tooth Loss Are Fully Addressed

How much trouble can tooth loss really cause a person to experience? You can obviously feel some concerns over the way a missing tooth, or missing teeth, will affect the way you look. However, it should be noted that the problem is about more than just your smile. You can have a harder time biting… Read more »

All-On-4 Dentures Can Help You Fully Restore Your Smile

Unfortunately, people can sometimes give up hope on having a quality smile after advanced tooth loss. If you feel like there is nothing you can do to feel confident in your smile again, you should know just how advantageous implant-supported dental work can be. Your Katy, TX dentist can help patients make big changes by… Read more »

A Tooth Extraction May Be Needed To Restore Your Oral Health

How does losing a tooth help to improve your overall oral health? As surprising as it might be, a tooth extraction can sometimes be the right way to solve a serious smile issue. This procedure is only recommended in a case where a restorative dental procedure is not capable of helping a problem tooth. Your… Read more »