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The Reason Your Teeth Are Stained (And What to Do)

The good thing about most common teeth stains is that they don’t usually pose an immediate threat to your healthy tooth structure. On the contrary, they’re often purely cosmetic issues that can develop even when you keep your teeth healthy by brushing and flossing them twice a day. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean you should just… Read more »

How High Are Your Risks of Tooth Loss?

Tooth loss affects a lot of people, especially as they age, but it doesn’t have to be an inevitable occurrence. In fact, the most common causes of tooth loss are preventable, and patients who are at high risk of losing teeth can often lower those risks with better hygiene and dental care. To determine your… Read more »

Got a Tooth Fracture? Fix It with a Dental Crown

Dental crowns have long been a popular restorative dental option, and as such, they’ve helped countless patients rebound from varying degrees of tooth damage. Today, though, crowns can do more for your smile than ever. For instance, if your tooth is fractured, then a crown can restore its health and structural integrity while also restoring… Read more »

Why Is Sleep Apnea a Problem for Your Wellbeing?

Patients who exhibit symptoms of sleep apnea often feel the effects most during the day. Because the disorder occurs while they sleep at night, they’re often unaware of the condition. Yet, its impacts on overall quality of sleep and systemic health can become more troublesome nonetheless. If you exhibit signs of sleep apnea, then speak… Read more »

How Invisalign® Changes Orthodontic Treatment

Even if you’ve never needed orthodontic treatment as a young child, you may find yourself faced with misaligned teeth as an adult. For some patients, crooked teeth are more noticeable than for others. However, for all patients with malocclusion, correcting the misalignment is important to their long-term oral health. With Invisalign® clear aligners, you may… Read more »

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Setting Positive Tone for Family Dental Visits

When you’re a parent, modeling behavior is often even more important than telling your kids how to act. Children pick up on cues from you, both obvious and subtle. The way you treat others, the way you manage money, the way you eat, how physically active you are, and even the level of stress you… Read more »

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