Dental Injuries Can Lead To Long-Term Consequences

The immediate consequences of a dental injury might be difficult to ignore. One reason our Katy, TX dentist’s office provides emergency dental services is to make sure patients in pain, or concerned about saving a tooth, have access to care as soon as possible. We also provide emergency appointments because ignoring issues connected to a dental injury can lead to alarming complications. In time, a chipped or cracked tooth could become infected, which can lead to more pain, and may even result in the loss of your tooth! Through the appropriate restorative dental procedure, we can stop a problem from worsening and make sure that your smile’s appearance is preserved! (more…)

Tips For Helping A Loved One Arrange Emergency Dental Work

When your partner or your child suffers a dental injury, or starts to experience significant dental pain, you can have an easier time responding when you know where to turn for emergency dental work. At our Katy, TX dental practice, we welcome individuals who need to do something about an oral health issue that requires urgent attention. Restorative dental work on short notice can mean less time in pain, and it can make a problem less likely to cost a person their tooth. Before you bring a loved one in for their appointment, you can help them remain as comfortable as possible by addressing active discomfort, as well as any bleeding that may be occurring. (more…)

One Unlucky Bite Can Lead To A Broken Tooth – We Can Help

When you brush your teeth at the start of your day, you are taking active steps to prevent possible oral health problems. While the right routine can help you lower your risks for a problem that might require restorative dental work, it may not protect you against the bad luck that leads to a tooth injury! You can be relieved to know that if you break a tooth in the course of your day, your Katy, TX dentist’s office can help. Our practice even offers emergency dental appointments for people who chip, crack, or otherwise hurt a tooth. If an unlucky bite leaves you with dental damage, urgent care can shorten the time you have to spend in discomfort, and improve your chances of saving a hurt tooth! (more…)

Tell Your Dentist If You Are Struggling With Tooth Pain

Emergency dental visits are not always arranged to deal with physical injuries. Sometimes, a patient will reach out for urgent care because of severe dental pain. The discomfort that person feels can be hard to ignore, and it can also be a warning that your tooth is in poor health. Our Katy, TX dentist’s office can work with you on short notice if you start to experience problems with pain. After an evaluation, we can determine what treatment might be necessary to stop the problem and return your smile to good health. Root canal treatment is typically used to solve issues with discomfort, as they can stem from internal tooth problems. (more…)

How Worried Should You Be After Chipping A Tooth?

Some dental injuries lead to significant pain, as well as dramatic changes to your appearance. With that said, not every person who experiences physical trauma will have severe problems to deal worry about. How concerned should you be if a dental injury only leads to a chipped tooth? In some cases, this type of damage may not be severe enough to affect your oral health. However, you may overlook a potentially serious problem if you assume a chipped tooth is “probably” fine. Our Katy, TX dentist’s office is prepared to help our patients when they suffer injuries. If you are unsure about the health of a tooth, in pain, or worried about further harm, we do offer emergency dental appointments. (more…)

Can Work Done For A Dental Injury Also Help Your Smile?

Dental injuries can lead to pain, visible damage, and potential internal problems for a tooth. Our Katy, TX dentist’s office is aware of how concerned a person can be after injuring a tooth, and we want you to know how important prompt care can be. Our practice does allow patients to set up emergency dental appointments, which can ensure you have restorative dental work done before a problem grows too serious. You can be happy to know that these appointments can address more than just the effect an injury has on your oral health. Because we use modern restorations that are able to match your tooth’s shape and color, treatment can also address any issues with your smile that concern you! (more…)

3 Problems You Can Experience If You Ignore A Dental Injury

While it might be nice to simply wait and let a dental injury heal itself, ignoring problems with a chipped, cracked, or sore tooth can actually lead to more consequences. Our teeth are not able to naturally heal from injuries that lead to internal damage, or harm to your enamel. What this means is that its health can grow worse over time until the appropriate restorative dental treatment is provided. Our Katy, TX dentist’s office can help you by providing lasting support for the tooth. If the issue feels urgent due to the tooth’s condition, or because of discomfort, we can offer an emergency dental appointment. (more…)

Tips For Properly Handling A Lost Tooth Before Dental Work

Is there any chance that a tooth knocked loose from your smile can be saved? While possible, the successful restoration of a lost tooth can depend on several factors. One issue that can hurt your chances for a successful recovery is the time it takes you to see your dentist. With that in mind, tooth loss is one of many scenarios that can justify the arrangement of emergency dental work. Our Katy, TX dentist’s office is prepared to see you on short notice to see what can be done about your injury. Prompt care helps, but to further improve your chances of having the tooth put back in place, you should be careful about how you handle it before your appointment. (more…)

Be Careful Not To Aggravate Your Injured Tooth

How easy is it to damage an already hurt tooth? If your enamel has been chipped or cracked, if you have a loose tooth, or if you need to do something about a completely dislodged tooth, you can create more problems for yourself if you are not careful. Mishandling a tooth or putting too much pressure on it can lead to more pain, and may further affect its health. Our Katy, TX dentist’s office recognizes how frustrating it can be to have a dental injury, and we can bring you in for emergency dental treatment whenever you might require it.

Requesting An Emergency Appointment For A Tooth Infection

Dental emergencies can be requested for more than just a physical injury. Sometimes, it can be necessary to see an oral health professional as soon as possible due to significant tooth pain. If you have an issue with pain or sensitivity with no obvious cause, you could be dealing with an infection. The longer that infection has to damage your tooth, the greater the risk that it might lead to irreversible harm that leads to its loss! Our Katy, TX dentist’s office can arrange to see you for emergency dental work if you are worried about persistent or significant pain, or if you see any other signs of a possible infection that alarm you. (more…)