Sleep Apnea Treatment: Do You Need It?

sleepingblondewomanSleep apnea is a disorder that causes you to stop breathing momentarily while you sleep. When your throat muscles relax rather than remaining active, they allow your throat tissues to touch one another. This may begin with snoring as your tissues vibrate against each other as you breathe. However, the thorough relaxation of your throat muscles will yield a total collapse of the tissues within, resulting in temporary breathing cessation. While you’d think this would prompt you to visit us immediately, there’s one problem – most patients do not remember this experience. Though your brain will signal you to wake up so you can breathe, the entire episode happens quite quickly and patients often fall back to sleep right away. So, how can you possibly know if you need sleep apnea treatment? By identifying with the following symptoms, of course:


Why You Should Say, “Yes” To Root Canal Treatment

toothhappythumbsupWe understand why patients often immediately feel the need to say, “no!” when we recommend root canal treatment for an infected tooth. Many patients who enter our practice come to us with a variety of exaggerated stories they have heard, which cause them to feel nervous rather than confident about treatment. Fortunately, we have a pretty good instinct regarding your concerns and an even better ability to empathize and consider where you’re coming from. Because both your comfort and your oral health are our top priority, we have gathered some compelling reasons you should feel good about restoring your tooth’s health with a root canal.


Are Loose Dentures Ruining Your Oral Health?

Middle Aged Man is Happy He Opted for Dental Implant DenturesWell-fitting, well-crafted dentures are worth the investment because they’ll help you eat a normal array of foods, speak with greater ease and more confidence, and help you look younger, healthier, and more attractive. Unfortunately, even the best made dentures will begin to loosen over time and that confidence you once felt will begin to fade as your dentures slip and clack embarrassingly. Even worse, those loose dentures often lead to serious oral health problems. Today, we’re looking at issues caused by loose dentures and discussing your options for permanently securing your dentures in place. (more…)

Dental Fear FAQs

Blonde Woman Covering Her Mouth Because She is Afraid of the DentistThere’s a reason why “fear of the dentist” always makes it onto those Top Ten Most Common Fears articles you see as you scroll through Facebook: It’s a remarkably widespread fear. In fact, experts estimate that about three-quarters of Americans deal with feelings of fear or anxiety before visiting the dentist, while as many as 30-40 million refuse to seek professional dental care due to dental fear. Sadly, skipping out on seeing the dentist often results in poor oral health and a significantly increased risk of tooth loss and dental emergencies. To help shed some much-needed light on this topic, we’re answering a few frequently asked questions about dental fear and anxiety. (more…)

Your Tooth Contouring Questions: Answered

smileglassessweaterPatients who feel unhappy about unsightly teeth often overlook the simple yet effective cosmetic solutions we offer. Rather than assuming you will need an extremely complicated or costly treatment for problems like “vampire teeth” or an uneven teeth line, we encourage you to speak with us about tooth contouring. This budget-friendly treatment can comfortably and efficiently improve the contour – or shape – of individual teeth for a beautiful smile. Look over the following questions we commonly receive from patients for the answers you are seeking:


Sign On for Dental Sealants: FAQs

girlsmileEach one of your child’s teeth is precious, making up the complete adorable smile you are dedicated to doing whatever it takes to protect. But what can you do when your child is already brushing and flossing? Is there something else you may be able to accomplish to promote comfort and oral health, while helping your child avoid cavities? For a proactive approach, we encourage you to consider the many benefits of dental sealants. Because many parents have a general understanding of this treatment but tend to ask similar questions, we invite you to look over the following inquiries and answers, so you can get a better feel for whether sealants are right for your little one:


How to Achieve A Whiter Smile

smileneutralYou likely have a decent idea of what it takes to achieve a whiter smile with teeth whitening. However, we often find that patients have a solid handle on the overall goal of whitening but not so much when it comes to the details. Fortunately, whatever your concerns or smile needs, we are ready to provide you with a cosmetic treatment that suits your particular goals. Worried that we can’t treat your stains? Whether you suffer from food or beverage stains, tobacco discoloration, or the side effects of medications like antibiotics, our bleaching gel systems can address your concerns. Still wondering exactly what all of that entails? Look no further. We encourage you to learn more about your options when you visit us for the brighter smile you have been dreaming about.


5 Common Questions About Dental Emergencies

firstaidtoothOh no! You bite down on hard food and something doesn’t feel quite right. Or perhaps your tooth or jaw joint begins to hurt and rather than feeling better over the course of an hour it continues to feel worse. Whatever your concern, a dental emergency requires immediate care, to help you feel better and to protect the long-term health of your mouth. When a sudden problem occurs, we are ready to help. Not sure you have a solid handle on emergency dentistry? Look over some frequently asked questions for the answers you have been seeking.


Exploring the Types of Cosmetic Dentistry

beautiful smile thru cosmetic dentistryIt has been proven that your smile can affect every aspect of your daily life. From landing a great job, to making new friends; having a beautiful smile is an excellent feature to possess. However, many people struggle daily trying to hide their not-so-perfect smile, and may miss out on special opportunities because they are perceived as unfriendly. With the availability of many types of cosmetic dentistry, you can now easily achieve the amazing smile you desire, and regain your confidence to show it off. (more…)

Is Snoring Interrupting Your Rest?

man's snoring is interrupting his restSome people that snore while sleeping may occasionally wake up gasping for air, or appear as if they are choking. This is a common symptom of a disease known as Obstructive Sleep Apnea, which affects millions across the world. Due to a lack of oxygen during OSA episodes, your entire body can suffer, and you may experience side effects throughout the day. Not only can snoring interrupt your rest, but OSA is also linked to many health concerns, some of which are even life threatening. (more…)