Quiz: How’s Your Daily Brushing?

toothbrushheadpasteDid you ever stop to think about the way you brush your teeth? Like most patients, you have probably adopted some habits that you’ve been practicing for as long as you can remember. While we always applaud patients who are committed to dental hygiene and remember to brush their teeth on a daily basis, there are actually some key factors in accomplishing good brushing. Wondering if you’re doing an excellent job or wasting some of your time with subpar techniques? Quiz yourself to verify that you’re right on track (or to learn about the minor changes you need to make for a super clean grin).


Flossing Your Best? Find Out

dentalflosswhiteWe often find that patients would like to floss and know that flossing is essential to good dental hygiene. However, patients often avoid this simple yet effective task. Are you one of these patients? Perhaps you floss but you consistently wonder if you could be doing something differently (or better). The good news is that you’re not alone: Many individuals feel uneasy about their daily habits but are too embarrassed to speak up during visits. First things first – we always encourage you to ask about anything, so we can help keep your smile healthy. For now, however, we suggest you learn more about the basics of successful flossing to get a head start on a cleaner grin.


3 Children’s Dentistry Tips

tipsrainbowTaking care of your own smile requires daily responsibility and a dash of foresight. When it comes to taking care of your child’s smile, however, it can become something that causes you to feel quite overwhelmed. You want, of course, to assist your child in maintaining a healthy, beautiful smile, while establishing good hygiene habits that will last a lifetime. Rather than allow yourself to become stressed by this aspect of your life, we encourage you to relax. By becoming familiar with a few children’s dentistry tips, you will find that a committed approach and a bit of know-how is all it takes to keep your little one’s smile in excellent condition – not too bad!


Emergency Dentistry: Take This Quiz

firstaidteethWhen you experience a dental trauma, do you know what to do? Are you even sure what qualifies as a dental emergency? We believe that the last thing you should be concerned with when you’re in discomfort or dealing with a mishap like a broken tooth is feeling confused about how to proceed. As a result, we invite you to test your knowledge. This will help you discover what you already know (and you might learn a new fact or two in the process). The most important thing to remember? We offer emergency dentistry visits, so you know just where to turn when in need.


Contouring: Addressing Your Concerns

womanlaughingcloseupWe find that patients sometimes feel conflicted as they learn about new treatments. What begins as a feeling of true happiness and positive anticipation may become a strange mix of interest and concern. When it comes to choosing tooth contouring to improve your smile, for instance, you may love the benefits. However, you may feel somewhat uneducated regarding the specifics. Since your introduction to cosmetic procedures is often focused primarily on advantages, we would be happy to answer your questions about deeper details, so you feel secure in your choice to contour your smile.


Bonding: Responses To Your Worries

smilegreenbackgroundChoosing any cosmetic treatment to improve the way your smile looks may cause you to feel like you’re making a big decision – that’s because you are! However, with this choice comes a long list of benefits including the obvious – an improvement to your smile – as well as improved confidence and general motivation to succeed. If you have been looking forward to dental bonding to transform your teeth into a lovely, cohesive smile, it’s certainly time you receive some responses to those worries that keep sneaking into your mind.


Ready For A Smile Makeover?

womanthumbsupsmileHave you come to a conclusion about the type of cosmetic improvements you’re seeking? If the final answer you keeping arriving at includes a desire for a dramatic transformation rather than making a single change, it may be time to decide whether you’re ready for a smile makeover. When it comes to cosmetic makeovers, rather than choosing a single treatment, you can overhaul the appearance of your smile by addressing the multitude of concerns you have. Ready to learn more? A makeover may be just what you need.


Why Re-Contour Your Gum Line?

perfect smileAre people noticing your teeth when you smile or are they noticing your gums? Your smile isn’t just all teeth. Your gums are part of your smile, too. Large, bulky gums, gums that are too long, or uneven gums can take away from the esthetics of even the straightest, whitest teeth. Have you ever heard of the tooth-to-gum-ratio?  If you have too much gum showing in relation to the size of your teeth then you have a poor tooth-to-gum ratio, which can also be referred to as a gummy smile. With today’s technology it is easy to restore the proper ratio of tooth to gum by re-contouring your gum line.


Veneer Your Way to a Brighter Smile

Porcelain Veneers Fixing SmilesMany of your favorite stars weren’t born with the smiles for which they’ve become famous. Cosmetic dentistry helped them achieve them. And the great news, for you, is that your cosmetic dentist could help do the same for your smile. Whether there are noticeable imperfections in your teeth, like stains or chips, or you just feel your smile could look better, porcelain veneers could help. They are able to quickly correct a number of problems, and to create a more unified bright smile. Perhaps best of all, though, porcelain veneers are rafted to look natural, so that you can smile confidently knowing your smile is all yours, just even better than before. (more…)

Enhance Your Smile, Increase Your Confidence

Teeth Whitening ModelDoes it feel like ages since you proudly showed off your pearly whites? Do you find yourself doing anything to avoid showing your teeth? Teeth issues are no reason to feel down, especially considering how cosmetic dentistry can help. Dental bonding and contouring are two quick and affordable ways to address a number of cosmetic concerns, from chips in your teeth to gaps between them. They can often be performed in a single office visit, without anesthesia, and can leave you feeling excited to share your natural-looking, but more beautiful smile.  (more…)