Do You Need Restorative Dentistry?

Does Your Smile Need Restorative Dentistry?Most patients are advised to visit their dentist at least every six months, for dental checkups and cleanings, which can help keep smiles healthy. But for those that skip out on a checkup or two, it can be all too easy to lose track of time. And if a person doesn’t experience any pain, he or she might even believe that it is fine to go prolonged periods of times between dental visits. Unfortunately this often leads to dental problems, some of which are very noticeable, such as an abscessed tooth, which causes extreme pain, while others can be tough to detect. The good news is that if you do get diagnosed with a dental issue such as a cavity, restorative dentistry can help restore your oral health and preserve your smile! (more…)

Smile More Confidently with Cosmetic Dentistry

Smile Confidently with Cosmetic DentistryAre you tired of looking in the mirror and not liking what you see? Sick of going to the movies only to spend all your time staring at the actor’s brilliant smiles, instead of enjoying their performances? Is your smile your biggest source of insecurity, when it should be a joy to show off? If so, you may have already begun considering cosmetic dentistry. But you might not know just how many ways a cosmetic dentist can help improve your smile, or how quickly smile enhancements can often be completed.


Get Back to the Good Life with a Dental Filling

Back to the Good Life with Restorative DentistryHave you been forced to sacrifice your daily cup of coffee, lately, because when you take a sip you feel a twinge of pain? Does that pain feel isolated to a single tooth? If so, you may be suffering from a dental cavity, a form of decay, which can damage a tooth and eventually lead to infection. To prevent worsening issues, including pain, you should schedule an appointment with your restorative dentist at the first sign of trouble. Most cavities can be treated with a simple dental filling, which is a durable and beautiful way to prevent further decay, particularly if you seek treatment quickly. (more…)

Are You Taking Great Care of Your Baby’s Teeth?

Caring for Baby Teeth TipsEven if your baby only has a tooth or two appearing in an otherwise adorably gummy smile, it doesn’t mean that dental hygiene is not yet important. In fact, from the time the first tooth appears, it is important that you properly care for your baby’s tooth. Great dental care from a very young age can help set your child up to enjoy an entire lifetime of good oral health, so take your children’s dentist’s advice, and follow these simple steps for maintaining your baby’s smile’s health. (more…)

Stop Avoiding Dental Treatment; Let Therapy Help You

Dental Anxiety? CBT Can HelpAre you terrified to even call your dentist’s office? Has it been years since you scheduled a dental checkup, because you have moderate to severe dental anxiety? Dental anxiety is actually a common occurrence, one that can have negative effects on your overall oral health. That is because missing dental checkups can result in plaque buildup, dental decay and even gum disease. To avoid problems your teeth and gums need regular preventive care, as well as restorative treatment when an issue arises. (more…)

Prevent Dental Problems, Even During This Busy Holiday Season

Great Preventive Care through The HolidaysAre you so excited to spend the holidays with your family that you can hardly stand it? Most adults feel like kids again, come Christmas time, thanks to the lights, the presents, and the general sense of pure merriment. But sometimes all that joy can end up leading to dental trouble. That’s because the festivities can sometimes cause people to neglect their normal dental hygiene routine, or to make poor dietary choices, both of which can lead to oral health issues. Prevent future problems by brushing your teeth twice daily, and making smart decisions during this festive season. That way you can enjoy a healthy and beautiful smile all through the new year and beyond! (more…)

Big Milestone Coming Up? Get Ready with Cosmetic Bonding!

Smile bright with Cosmetic BondingAre you heading down the aisle in 2016? Or, are you finally graduating from college? Maybe you’ve just landed that big promotion, or are going on a once-in-a-lifetime vacation! Whatever big milestone you have coming up, in 2016, get ready for the photo ops with cosmetic bonding. Like many cosmetic treatments, bonding can help enhance your smile’s natural beauty by hiding imperfections, but unlike many alternatives, bonding can be completed very quickly, usually in less than an hour. That makes it ideal if you don’t have much time to prepare for your milestone, but still want to look and feel your best.


Give Yourself What You Really Want with a Dental Implant

Complete Your Smile this Christmas with Dental ImplantsIs the only thing you really want this Christmas, a complete smile? If you’ve been struggling with a missing tooth or teeth, you probably already know your prosthetic dentist can help. But what you may not realize is that there are some wonderful new ways of completing a smile. Dental implants are one option many patients are choosing because of the increased confidence and stability they can provide. So if you’ve grown tired of struggling to eat or speak with missing teeth, it is time to learn more about what implants can do for you. (more…)

Shine Brighter Next Year with Cosmetic Dentistry

New Year with Cosmetic DentistryIs your only resolution to start the new year feeling more confident? If so, the start of a new season is a wonderful time to finally stop hiding imperfections in your smile and to instead correct them through cosmetic dentistry. Whether dark staining is your only concern, or minor alignment issues have made you feel self-conscious for years, there are a number of treatments available that can help address those concerns and give you a beautiful, yet still natural-looking smile. So, don’t wait another year to achieve the smile you’ve been dreaming about; seek cosmetic dentistry instead. (more…)

Sweet Tooth Sore? Your Restorative Dentist Can Help

Cured Cavity with Restorative DentistryDid your “sweet” tooth ache with pain the last time you tried to enjoy a seasonal latte or a freshly baked sugar cookie? If so, you may be suffering from a cavity. Cavities can be formed by an abundance of sugar in a diet, a lack of dental hygiene, weak teeth due to genetics, or a combination of a number of factors. However, the treatment is often the same. In many cases, a simple dental filling can help to save a cavity-ridden tooth and restore a patient’s oral health. So if you’re tired of suffering when you do want to indulge in the occasional sweet treat, it’s time to call your restorative dentist.