Sedation Dentistry Can Calm Your Dental Fears

Nervous Patient Sedation DentistryAre you feeling nervous about an upcoming dental procedure? Perhaps you have even delayed important preventive care because of a general anxiety about climbing into the dentist’s chair. You are not alone. Many patients struggle with moderate to severe dental anxiety. But you do not have to live in fear, or in avoidance of the dental care your teeth require. Sedation dentistry can help calm your fears, so that you can get the care you need, whether that is an overdue cleaning or a more extensive procedure. Remember, when it comes to the health of your smile, seeking proactive treatment is crucial. Learning about the benefits of sedation dentistry can help. (more…)

The Truth About Fluoride And Its Effect On Teeth

thflAre you confused about whether or not fluoride is safe for your teeth? Since the safety of fluoride has been questioned there are plenty of reasons to be confused. The truth is that excessive amounts of fluoride consumption by babies or young children during tooth development can cause fluorosis or the mottling of tooth enamel. However, it is very difficult for a baby or child to ingest too much fluoride since fluoride is carefully monitored in municipal water supplies. Fluoride is actually very beneficial for your teeth. Today we explain the truth about fluoride and its effect on teeth.


How Familiar Are You With Dental Sealants?

dentsealantsAre you familiar with dental sealants? Although they have been around since the 1960s not many people are. This is a conundrum because sealants can save your family money, pain, inconvenience, and un-needed trips to the dentist. Why? Because sealants help protect teeth from tooth decay. Imagine being free from cavities. Cavities can cause havoc with your dental health. Although they can be filled, later in life those fillings can fall out, fracture, or worse your teeth can crack and break. If that tooth already has a filling, then what? Find out how familiar you are with dental sealants by taking the quiz below.


Never Heard Of Interceptive Orthodontics? Read All About It.

orthThere is much more to children’s dentistry than teaching your child how to care for their teeth; working to develop a comfort level with dental treatments beginning with their first, or no later than their second, birthday; and prevention and early detection of cavities. Other treatments can include dental sealants, fluoride treatments, dental spacers, and/or interceptive orthodontics. Never heard of interceptive orthodontics? Read all about it here.


Does Your Jaw Need Botox?


Are you suffering from TMJ (temporomandibular joint disorder?) It can cause a myriad of symptoms including headache, neck ache, shoulder pain, jaw pain, painful chewing, and more. If you’re tired of waking up with a headache, having a stiff or painful jaw, or dealing with a pain in the neck–literally–you may want to visit your dentist and seek TMJ treatment, one of which may include Botox injections. Does your jaw need Botox?


Early Intervention Is Key

EIKeeping your teeth healthy and strong is important for your future dental health. Strong healthy teeth can save you trips to the dentist, dental mishaps, and costly repairs, and allow you to keep your natural teeth for a lifetime rather than have to invest your sweat, blood, and tears in dentures or implants. You know that a proper daily dental hygiene regimen helps prevent these issues, cavities, other dental diseases, and save your teeth. But a very important factor in your dental health equation is your twice yearly dental visits. Along with your oral hygiene, early intervention is key.


Don’t Lose Your Head…Or Your Tooth

DemergencyDental emergencies can pop up when you least expect them. Maybe there was a slight pain nagging at the back of your consciousness that finally progressed into a full-blown problem. Maybe you bit into a bagel and your crown fell out. It can be any of a number of things that happens suddenly. That’s why they are called emergencies because they are a sudden, unexpected occurrence that needs immediate attention. If you are faced with a dental emergency, what should you do? Don’t lose your head…or you might lose your tooth.


Questions About Veneers? We’ll Answer Them Here!

dvsHave you been considering a smile makeover but you’re not quite sure of the expense, the procedure, what treatment modalities to choose? There is a lot to think about when improving your smile. A smile is a very important thing. Smile improvements will last for years bringing you joy and self-confidence, and according to research, reaping you many other benefits as well. At Lathrop Dental Center, Dr. Lathrop and his staff can help guide you in the right direction. One modality they might recommend is dental veneers. Questions about veneers? We’ll answer them here.   (more…)

The Benefits Of Laser Dentistry

laserDDoes the sound of laser dentistry remind you of Star Wars? The dental field is constantly advancing: new materials, new techniques, shorter procedures, painless dentistry, and advanced technology. Do you know what laser dentistry is and what it can do for you? The word laser is actually an acronym for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation, which is a high-energy beam of light that can be focused to a pinpoint as small as a single wavelength. There are many benefits with laser dentistry.


Dental Bonding: Will It Help Your Smile?

smilepinkbackgroundHave you ever taken a look at a photo of yourself, wishing your smile looked more polished? Are you dealing with small imperfections like chips that make you feel embarrassed for others to see your teeth? Maybe you assume that you need orthodontics to close the spaces in your smile, so you don’t even bother finding out if there are other solutions. When it comes to esthetic issues that require the placement of additional tooth tissue, we encourage you to learn more about dental bonding. This cosmetic treatment just might be the answer you have been looking for to achieve a surprisingly transformed, much more beautiful smile. Find out more about whether it can help you with the following: