Exploring the Types of Cosmetic Dentistry

beautiful smile thru cosmetic dentistryIt has been proven that your smile can affect every aspect of your daily life. From landing a great job, to making new friends; having a beautiful smile is an excellent feature to possess. However, many people struggle daily trying to hide their not-so-perfect smile, and may miss out on special opportunities because they are perceived as unfriendly. With the availability of many types of cosmetic dentistry, you can now easily achieve the amazing smile you desire, and regain your confidence to show it off. (more…)

Is Snoring Interrupting Your Rest?

man's snoring is interrupting his restSome people that snore while sleeping may occasionally wake up gasping for air, or appear as if they are choking. This is a common symptom of a disease known as Obstructive Sleep Apnea, which affects millions across the world. Due to a lack of oxygen during OSA episodes, your entire body can suffer, and you may experience side effects throughout the day. Not only can snoring interrupt your rest, but OSA is also linked to many health concerns, some of which are even life threatening. (more…)

Gum Disease and Orthodontics

gum disease and orthodonticsOrthodontic patients vary widely in age, but they all can share common ground when speaking about gum disease. Better known as gingivitis, this condition is a frequent ailment associated with orthodontic treatment. Before your teeth begin to straighten, you may already notice bleeding and sensitivity of your gums. This is due to the fact that misaligned teeth tend to promote plaque buildup under your gum line. During treatment, many people find flossing to be a tedious task and may even skip it completely, unknowingly setting themselves up for complications. (more…)

The Importance of Dental Health Nutrition

guy practicing good dental health nutritionEvery part of your body requires certain nutrients to function properly, and without them you may experience some health complications. Your teeth are no exception to this rule. Proper dental health nutrition allows your teeth to remain strong, healthy, and last a lifetime. Your teeth actually require specific minerals, and can only obtain them through the food you eat. When you eat a poor, unbalanced diet, your teeth and gums can suffer just like the rest of your body. (more…)

Veeners: A True-Or-False Quiz

beautifulwhitesmileSo you know you want an incredibly beautiful smile that turns heads – and that makes you proud to laugh and speak around other people. You’re certain cosmetic dentistry will help you reach your goals. But just how much do you know about porcelain veneers? Before you jump to any conclusions about picking and choosing cosmetic treatments, find out what you know about veneers and you may discover they offer you the solution you’ve been looking for.


3 Surprising Reasons to Choose Sedation

relaxedwomantankYou know that dental anxiety is an acceptable reason to ask your dentist for sedation dentistry. But if you feel only minor nerves related to certain procedures and you think you simply need to give yourself a pep talk, think again. From fear that simply seems too mild to a variety of other concerns, many patients miss out on the benefit of sedation – and consistent dental care – because they assume sedation is not for them. Consider a few surprising and completely acceptable reasons that might make you an excellent candidate. (more…)

3D Imaging: Waves of the Future

3D dental imaging toothRadiographs, or X-rays, are one the most essential tools a dentist can use to help diagnose, treat, and monitor your dental health. X-rays allow us to see underlying structures of your mouth and plan your specific treatments accordingly. We have taken our technology one step further with the use of stunning 3D imaging technology. This allows us to view your mouth’s inner workings in every viewable plane, giving us a greater range of accurate treatment options when necessary. (more…)

Missing Teeth: How to Keep Your Smile

artificial missing teethAlthough missing teeth are usually associated with growing older, anyone, at any age, can experience tooth loss, also known as edentulism. Tooth loss can significantly impact more than just your smile. Many people experiencing edentulism also report emotional or psychological distress as a result of discomfort in personal and social situations, where they feel a smile is important. Fortunately, in modern dentistry, there are several well-known ways to prevent missing teeth, as well as excellent long-term treatments available to restore your healthy smile. (more…)

How Six Month Braces Work

wondering how six month braces workNot all braces are the same. Just like your smile is unique from everyone else’s, so are the different ways in which we can straighten crooked teeth, when necessary. For instance, if your teeth are crooked enough to affect your smile’s appearance, yet don’t require extensive repositioning, we may recommend Six Month Braces, designed to focus on discretion while improving your smile’s aesthetic appeal. The secret to how Six Month Braces work lies partly in their advanced memory wire that returns to its original shape if bent, and helps move your teeth faster. (more…)

What to Know About Dental Implants

woman thinking about dental implantsIf you’re considering dental implants to replace the one or more teeth you’ve lost, then you might already know that the prosthetic teeth roots may be the best way to support your dental crown, bridge, or denture. As the strongest parts of your body, your teeth owe much of their strength to the roots that support them, and dental implants are designed to provide the same support for your replacement teeth. However, more stable support isn’t the only important thing about dental implants; they also help maintain the rest of your oral health the way your lost teeth’s roots were meant to. (more…)