Cosmetic Makeovers for Your Smile

You deserve to be confident in your smile, and taking excellent care of it with good hygiene and preventive care is a good reason to feel confident. However, there may be times when stained and/or chipped teeth, noticeable gaps, and more cause you to avoid showing your smile for fear of embarrassment. In many cases, such esthetic issues are not serious threats to your oral health, and can typically be corrected with minimally invasive cosmetic dental treatment. A smile that you’re proud of is one that you can show often and confidently, and one that you’ll be more likely to continue taking good care of.

Custom-Designed Cosmetic Improvements

  • Smile Makeover – Personalized treatment plans involving one or more conservative procedures to optimize your smile’s function and appearance.
  • Teeth-Whitening – Convenient, safe, and powerful teeth-whitening to brighten your smile and erase embarrassing teeth stains.
  • Bonding & Contouring – Conservative procedures that can offer dramatic results by improving the size, shape, and contour of one or more teeth.
  • Laser Gum Contouring – Correcting excessive or uneven gums (a gummy smile) to create a more symmetrical and attractive frame around your smile.
  • Porcelain Veneers – One or more lifelike porcelain shells that can be bonded to the front surfaces of teeth, creating an instant smile makeover.