Dr. Colin Lathrop

Meet Dr. Colin Lathrop

For several years, Dr. Colin Lathrop has honed his skills working as a dentist in the Houston area. His lifelong patients appreciate his friendly chairside manner and high level of skill in all aspects of dentistry. In June of 2013, Houstonia Magazine named Dr. Lathrop one of Houston’s top dentists. In December of 2013, Dr. Lathrop opened his own, brand-new dental practice in Katy, TX. He chose the Katy area because, despite its bustling growth, it still retains a friendly, small-town feel and unparalleled quality of life.

Dr. Lathrop’s philosophy is to treat every patient as an individual, not as just a dental health case. He is passionate about preventing problems before they occur, especially for children who are still developing their teeth and oral structures. For instance, he offers early orthodontic intervention to minimize children’s need for orthodontics later in life.