Building Your Brand New Smile

If your smile develops a number of issues at once (like more than one cavity and/or damage to one or more teeth), then full mouth reconstruction can help you regain your bite’s full function. Full mouth reconstruction, or FMR, begins with a comprehensive examination. During your exam, your dentist will use advanced technology to carefully examine your teeth, gums, jaw alignment, and more to determine which dental treatments will offer the best results. With your optimal oral health and comfort in mind, we’ll design a customized treatment plan that conservatively, but effectively, addresses all of your cosmetic and functional dental needs.

Designing Your FMR

The point of full mouth reconstruction is to correct issues that inhibit your bite’s proper function, cause chronic dental discomfort, and/or place your teeth and oral health at risk. Depending on your specific dental concerns, your FMR will be comprised of a series of treatments that rebuild your tooth structure, eliminate tooth infection, correct tooth and jaw alignment, and/or replace missing teeth.Often, the first step is to ensure that your teeth and jaw are aligned correctly so that your bite functions properly. With the Tekscan bite pressure mapping system, we can measure and map how your bite distributes pressure. For instance, we can examine which teeth meet first and how balanced or imbalanced your upper teeth are in relation to your lower teeth (occlusion). If your bite is imbalanced, then your dentist will take the discrepancy into account when designing your FMR, which could include orthodontic braces or mild functional orthodontic treatment.

What to Expect from Full Mouth Reconstruction

Occlusion, bite function, and esthetics are the typical focuses of full mouth reconstruction. Your treatment plan will aim to ensure that your teeth and jaw are evenly aligned, that your bite functions properly and your teeth meet each other squarely, and that all of your teeth are strong, whole, healthy, and free of infection. For some procedures, including tooth fillings and cosmetic tooth and gum contouring, your dentist may utilize our LightWalker® dental laser technology for faster, more accurate, and more esthetically pleasing results.

If you are missing one or more teeth, then your full mouth reconstruction may also include one or more dental implants to support a lifelike replacement crown or partial or full denture. Dental implants help maintain your jaw’s strength by replacing lost teeth roots and the stimulation they provide. They also provide unmatched stability for your replacement teeth to create a comfortable, stable, and highly-lifelike feel.