Laser Dentistry and Other Advanced Technology

At Lathrop Dental Center, we use lasers and advanced technology to provide faster, more conservative, and more esthetically-pleasing dental treatments. Our technology also helps us further protect your healthy, beautiful smile, even when your treatment includes modifying your tooth structure, such as for cavity treatments and certain cosmetic procedures.

LightWalker® Dental Laser (by Fotona)

Over the last few decades, lasers have changed the face of dental diagnostics and treatment. The advanced LightWalker® dental laser, created by Fotona, allows our experts to perform a host of procedures without the need for anesthesia. For instance, the laser allows your dentist to perform no-shot fillings (meaning no anesthesia is needed) for both children and adults. No anesthesia means no numbness, so you can return to work or school immediately. You also don’t have to wait until the numbness wears off to eat or drink. The laser helps preserve a maximum amount of healthy tooth structure and oral tissues, and minimizes the amount of dental work needed.

Using the specially-calibrated soft-tissue laser, we can now perform the innovative Nightlase® laser treatment to help you or your loved one stop snoring. The laser directs a highly-effective but safe concentration of heat to the soft oral mucosa, shrinking oral tissues to prevent them from clogging your airway.

Digital Radiography

X-rays have long been an essential part of dental diagnostics and treatment. With digital radiography, our X-rays produce up to 90% less radiation than traditional methods, and the images are produced instantly and projected onto a digital, chairside monitor. Through the use of digital X-rays, our experts can better see the details of your teeth and oral structures to create more precise and effective treatment options.

Intraoral Cameras

In addition to digital X-rays, our office also utilizes a digital intraoral camera to gain a better view of areas in your mouth during your routine dental checkup and cleaning appointments. The intraoral camera is a small camera situated on the end of a tiny, flexible wand that your dentist can use to view hard-to-see angles around and behind your teeth.

Tekscan Pressure Mapping

The Tekscan pressure mapping system is an innovative diagnostic tool that optimizes our ability to diagnose and correct issues with bite (occlusal) alignment, such as bruxism and TMJ disorder. The technology allows your dentist to determine which teeth make first contact when you bite down, how much pressure is exerted, how the pressure is balanced, and how best to correct your bite, if necessary. Tekscan readings allow us to more effectively create bruxism and TMJ mouthguards, alleviate chronic headaches, and protect your teeth from excessive wear, shifting, and other issues related to bite equilibrium.