Custom Orthodontics for Children

Modern orthodontic treatment has advanced far beyond traditional bracket-and-wire braces, and the goals have become far more precise and comprehensive. For instance, Myobrace® is a brace-less system of clear, virtually invisible aligners that can help patients of all ages enjoy straighter, more properly functioning smiles. Children in particular benefit from Myobrace® as it helps them develop straighter and healthier teeth, jaws, and oral structures.

What Is Myobrace®

After a comprehensive examination that includes digital imaging and scanning, we can help determine if Myobrace® is a good option for straightening your child’s bite alignment. The system may also help prevent or alleviate issues such as snoring, sleep apnea, teeth-grinding, and more.

The Benefits of Myobrace® Treatment

When children’s teeth and oral structures become misaligned, the misalignment grows increasingly worse as the structures continue to grow. When children grind their teeth or snore, it is a sign that something is wrong and an evaluation is needed. With Myobrace®, we utilize digital imaging and scanning to create detailed diagnoses of your child’s bite alignment. Then, we can personalize a system of aligners that helps correct the alignment and alleviate related oral health issues.