Brace-less Orthodontic Appliances

In many cases, clear orthodontic aligners are often recommended for older teens and adults, mainly because their teeth and oral structures have already fully developed. With Ortho-Tain®, younger children can enjoy the same benefits, including a less conspicuous appearance and a much more comfortable treatment regimen.

What Is Ortho-Tain®?

Ortho-Tain describes a comprehensive system of comfortable, clear, and custom-designed orthodontic aligners and appliances. Treatment options are designed in series’, with different appliances serving different purposes to help children of all ages, and with a wide range of orthodontic concerns. For example, some appliances can be designed specifically to be worn at night, while your child sleeps, or during the day, depending on your child’s specific needs.

The Advantages of Ortho-Tain

The advantages of Ortho-Tain are similar to those of all clear aligners, but are especially notable because they’re appropriate for younger children. Also, addressing orthodontic issues with clear aligners as soon as possible helps children avoid many of the issues that result from unchecked tooth misalignment, which improves the long-term state of their smiles and oral health.