How to Makeover Your Smile

When you think of a smile makeover, you may think of combining multiple cosmetic dentistry treatments to completely change the way your smile looks. While some makeover plans may involve multiple cosmetic procedures, many may only consist of one or two. Like all of the dental treatments and procedures that we offer, a smile makeover is tailored to meet every patient’s unique needs and preferences. That may mean a simple teeth-whitening procedure, or it may involve a combination of treatments, depending on your specific cosmetic concerns.

Choosing the Right Cosmetic Procedure(s)

The first step to designing your smile makeover plan is for your dentist to perform a comprehensive examination to determine the nature and extent of your smile’s blemishes. Then, your dentist will consult with you to develop an appropriate, personalized treatment plan that addresses all of your cosmetic concerns. Some of the many issues that a smile makeover can address include (but are not limited to):

  • Chipped or worn teeth – When teeth become chipped or worn down, they may not pose an immediate threat to your dental health, though their appearance can dramatically affect your smile. Tooth bonding and contouring can often rebuild the tooth structure to replenish your teeth’s healthy, uniform appearance.
  • Spaces or gaps between teeth – Excessive space between two teeth is called a diastema, and in some cases, it can increase your risks of tooth decay and gum disease by allowing more space for oral bacteria to gather. Closing the gap with bonding or porcelain veneers improves your smile while reducing the risks of dental disease.
  • Tooth discoloration – Teeth stains can often be erased with teeth-whitening, but tooth discoloration, which often occurs underneath a tooth’s surface, may require tooth bonding or porcelain veneers to correct.
  • Tooth misalignment – Severe malocclusion (tooth misalignment) often requires orthodontic treatment to correct, though many patients can achieve straighter, more attractive smiles with Invisalign clear aligners.
  • Uneven gums (a gummy smile) – Gum contouring is a popular cosmetic procedure designed to correct the symmetry of a gummy smile. With the use of advanced laser technology, we can perform gum contouring faster, more comfortably, and with more precise results.
  • Tooth loss – Tooth loss is a serious oral health issue, but its effects on your smile’s appearance may be an equal concern. Therefore, many smile makeover procedures involve placing one or more dental implants to replace lost teeth with the most lifelike prosthetic options.