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Tooth Extractions

Tooth Removal to Restore Your Smile

Removing a tooth is usually the last option we recommend when it comes to your dental health. However, there are times when it may be the most appropriate choice to help preserve your long-term dental health. For example, a tooth may be too damaged for a restorative dentistry treatment to be effective. Or the tooth may not fully function because of extensive decay or gum disease. In cases like these, removing the tooth will allow us to help restore your smile and health with other treatments, such as dental implants or dentures, that are designed to preserve your bite’s function.

What is the Treatment Like?

When you visit us for a tooth extraction, we will begin the treatment by numbing the tooth and the area surrounding the tooth. After it is fully numb, we will carefully remove the tooth and close the area with sutures. We may provide or prescribe antibiotics or pain relievers to help with the healing process. While it is healing, we recommend that you eat soft foods and not prod the open area with your tongue or objects, like your fingers or straws. We will schedule a follow-up visit to remove the sutures and to evaluate the healing.

Schedule Your Tooth Extractions with Us

If your tooth is unable to be restored, we can provide a tooth extraction to help preserve your dental health. To learn more, or to schedule a consultation, call Lathrop Dental Center in Katy, TX, today at 832-437-3849. We proudly serve patients from Katy, Fulshear, and the greater Houston area.